Spending is easy, Saving should be too.

Kudimoney helps you save money automatically, with loads of benefit, and a whole lot more.

What you'll get

An automatic savings account with superb interest earnings.

Qualification for low interest loans as a member.

Awesome features that save you a tonne of cash.

Instant Save

Just got a salary bonus and not sure what to do with it? Save it and start earning interest on it. Let your money work as hard as you with up to 17% interest (5 times the savings average).

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Automatically save towards set goals

Automatically save any amount periodically by linking an existing debit card or bank.

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How to get started

Sign up with your email address
Link a Debit/ATM card immediately
Set your goals and start saving

More Benefits

No Ridiculous Fees

You shouldn’t have to pay so much for keeping your money safe.

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Earn on your Savings

Let your money work as hard as you with up to 17% interest.

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Low Interest Loans

Using kudimoney qualifies you for low interest loans.

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