What is Kudimoney?

Kudimoney is an online only savings and loans platform that makes saving money easy and gives access to affordable loans. We offer you a safe and totally secure place to save money. Kudimoney is a product of Credit Plus MFB, a Central Bank of Nigeria licensed entity. All funds are fully insured by NDIC.

Are you a bank and where are you based?

Kudimoney is not a bank. We provide fully insured savings accounts, where your money earns significantly higher than average interest. You can make a withdrawal anytime, just make a request and your bank account will be credited.

We are everywhere .....

Who is Kudimoney meant for?

Anybody that wants a convenient way to save money, and would like to receive higher than normal interest on their money, and not have to pay silly bank charges. As long as you have access to the internet, you should have Kudimoney in your life.

What do I need to open a Kudimoney account?

You can start a savings plan with just your email address and your phone number.

How am I sure that my personal information is safe?

We use cloud technology, and our operations and servers are powered by Microsoft Web Services. Microsoft is one of the biggest and most trusted companies in the world, they are the world leader in storing data and protecting data.
And of course we also use the highest levels of internet security, secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption, the highest level security on the internet, to ensure your information is protected from fraud. Basically it is impenetrable (as in nobody can hack into it).

Hmmm, is my money safe with Kudimoney?

Your account is insured by the NDIC – Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation. It is owned by the CBN – Central Bank of Nigeria. We pay a premium every year to insure people’s money with us. So yep your money is totally safe!

What if I need to make a complaint about something on my account?

That’s not a problem. If you cannot find an answer to whatever you need within the FAQ, you can contact us via any of the following channels:

How do I open a Kudimoney account?

Go to and click on sign up. Input your email and set up a password.

Tell us your name so we know who you are and give us your phone number so that we are able to alert you of activities on your account.

When you submit your details we will send a link to your email, click on the link to activate your account and start saving.

How long does it take to open a Kudimoney account?

Less than 5 minutes.

Does Kudimoney pay interest on my savings?

Now you are talking. Sure we do! ALL Kudimoney accounts earn interest, and a significantly higher interest you will get from any bank in Nigeria.

Instant save – up to 17% interest per annum.

Automatic savings – 10% per annum.

What are goals?

Goals are simply a way to make it easy for you to save. So for example your goals may be:

Buy a car by the end of the year.

Pay house rent coming up in 6month’s time.

Buy bae a present for upcoming birthday in 4month’s time.

Simply set a price for each one, and Kudimoney will tell you how much you need to save periodically to reach the goal set. Or you can just decide that you want to save a specific amount each month for a specific length of time.

Kudimoney will help you create different goal boxes and deduct from your specified account periodically, allocating the amounts deducted to your selected goals.

You will get regular updates on how you are doing in meeting your goals, and of course you can check your goal status anytime you want, directly from your account.

Trust us it’s super fun!

If Kudimoney are not charging me, and are paying interest higher than the banks, how exactly do you make money, you do make money right?

As much as we love our customers and potential customers, we still need to make money so that we can continue to give great products and services.

We keep your money in risk free interest earning government bonds. We work with various financial institutions to negotiate the best rates for you. We take a small fraction of this interest earned. As we do not operate multiple branches we are able to keep our costs lower than traditional banks.

If I set up a periodic savings plan and I don’t have money in my account what happens?

Absolutely nothing, we just don’t take money from the account. There are no charges, no penalties. We will try again the following month, and adjust your goals date. You can of course inform us that you wish to resume again on a different date and we will do as you say. You can notify us directly from your account.

How many goals can I create?

Feel free to create as many goals as you want. In fact the more the merrier, that way you have a firm plan for most of your money.

Can I change or delete my goals once I have set up?

Sure you can. Just go to reset goals and edit or delete your goals. But if you withdraw any funds before the original goals date, you will incur an early withdrawal fee of 2.5% of the amount withdrawn. Your new goals date must be the same or exceed the goals date you are amending.

Do I have to have a smart phone to use Kudimoney?

No you do not, but once we release the Kudimoney App, you will have so much more fun and features if you download the App on your smart device.

Does Kudimoney have an App?

The Kudimoney App will be released before the end of 2017, and we really cannot wait for this.

Can I get a loan from Kudimoney?

Not straightaway. We want to get to know you well first, and this will take a few months to a year. After which we may decide that you qualify for a small loan or an overdraft.

How do I get access to my money with Kudimoney?

If you want to collect some or all of your money early before your goals date, just request for it from within your account and we will credit your bank account within 24hours.

To make the request, simply click on withdrawal and fill in the amount that you would like to withdraw.

In order to encourage you to save as much as you can, there is an early withdrawal charge as follows:

Automatic Savings 2.5% on amount withdrawn early

Instant Save 5% on amount withdrawn early

How do I fund my Kudimoney account?

You can fund your account directly from an existing ATM / debit card. Click fund account on the dashboard, and input the card details linked to the account you would like to fund your Kudimoney account from.

Is there a limit to how much I can save in my Kudimoney account?

There is no limit to how much you can save with Kudimoney.

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