Kudimoney is an intelligent online savings platform that allows you to set up savings goals and then save money automatically as you want, daily, weekly, or monthly. Kudimoney started as a lending platform, but we realised that more people would save if it was as easy as spending and if they were rewarded for doing so – so we built the most secure way to save and get more, because every kudi counts.

Kudimoney aims to empower people to live healthier financial lives. We are building a new culture that helps our members towards financial freedom by making saving and managing money easy.

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Unlike banks we do not charge you for keeping your money secure, there are no account maintenance charges or alert charges, on due date withdrawal is FREE. After all it’s your money.

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We invest your money in risk free assets and use the volume of funds we hold to negotiate the best rates on behalf of our members, we take a little of this interest to keep the lights on so we can continue to serve our members.
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